Bravo floor plan that shows the open space trend

Trend in Open Floor Plans

Recently, the trend in home building has been tailored towards open floor plans. An open floor plan is pretty much what you think it would be, a layout that is geared towards having one or more large open rooms. These open rooms act as a single living space that would normally be multiple rooms. For instance, instead of having a single great room, there would be a combined living room, kitchen, and dining room. Here at Symphony Homes we have realized that this is a trend that most Utah homebuilders are moving towards, and that is why almost all of our floor plans utilize open space.

The reason people started moving towards this trend is because homes with open floor plans can utilize more usable living space into the same amount of square footage. In our eyes open floor plans have four distinct they are:

  1. They allow you to keep a more effective eye on the kids.
  2. They allow you to increase views and natural light.
  3. They allow for better entraining when guests come over.
  4. They allow for a more sociable setting.


Most of our floor plans utilize open space effectively but the three we think do it the best are our Encore floor plan, Bravo floor plan, and our Premiere floor plan. What do you think about this trend? Let us know, and tell us the current trends you enjoy in home building.

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