Building Process

We recognize that the purchase of a new home is significant in the lives of each of our valued customers. Because of this, we have developed a process comprised of twelve easy steps – your path to owning an elegant Symphony Home.



Initial Contract Deposit

At this time, your home site and house plan are confirmed. An earnest money deposit (which is later credited toward your down payment) confirms your home site and house plan, and begins the purchasing process of your new Symphony Home.


Bank Loan Application

During the application phase you will meet with a mortgage company and submit your application for financing.


Pre-Construction / Design Consultant Meetings

Your pre-construction meeting gives you an opportunity to meet with a Symphony Homes representative and obtain pricing and details the optional features you desire. At this time, all structural features are confirmed. In addition, your design consultant meeting allows you to meet with our professional decorator and select upgrades and colors to suit your tastes for all interior and exterior components.


Plans to Engineer / City Plan Review

At this phase a structural engineer will review the construction plans. After that, the plans will be sent to the city to be reviewed and a building permit will be issued.


Final Pre-Construction Meeting / Construction Deposit

At this point you will meet with the Preconstruction Manger in order to, review cabinet layouts and sign the final specifications and addendum.


Construction Period

The construction period for you new home requires approximately 5 months, and may depend on weather conditions.


City and Bank Final Inspections

Along with other periodic municipal inspections, the city issues a final inspection and a certificate of occupancy for your new home. Your mortgage lender also sends an inspector to your new home, in order to confirm the completion of the home.


Buyer Walk-Through / Customer Service Orientation

A Symphony Homes construction manager conducts a thorough inspection of your home, with you. If you note that there are any items needing attention, the items are documented. Also, a personalized orientation of all of your home’s mechanical components is conducted. After this, our customer service manager meets with you to issue the keys to your new home, as well as to inform you of your home’s warranties and the procedure for reporting of customer service requests. At this time, we recommend that you transfer all utilities for your home into your name, to ensure that there will be no interruption of services during move-in.


Closing and Settlement at Title Company

Loan closing documents are transferred from your mortgage lender to the title company. The title company then conducts the closing, which consists of reviewing a formal closing statement (which discloses the costs of obtaining the financing). Any additional down payment you may owe is due at this time. After settlement, the title to your new home is also passed to you, and a title insurance policy is issued to you (as owners of the property).