Fairfield Meadows Community by Symphony Homes

We’re thrilled to announce one of the newest additions to our selection of Utah communities, Fairfield Meadows! As with all Symphony Homes communities, Fairfield will feature gorgeous homes made with high quality craftsmanship and optimal comfort in mind. A variety of sizes and floorplans will also be available to accommodate families of various sizes and lifestyles, making it easier for you to find a home as unique as you are. If you’re currently searching for a new Utah home that stands out among others in its neighborhood, a Fairfield Meadows home is your answer! Find out more about this up and coming community below.
Fairfield Medows Plot map

About Fairfield Meadows

  • Fairfield Meadows is conveniently located in Kaysville, UT, offering quick access to Downtown SLC as well as Layton and Ogden.
  • Home pricing starts in the high $300,000s for beautiful new homes within the community.
  • 18 East side home estates will be featured here
  • Adjoining access to Creekside Elementary and Fairfield Junior High
  • Homes will range from 2500-5000 SQFT with single family as well as homes that include anywhere from 3-4 bedrooms and 3 or more bathrooms.

About the Location

Kaysville puts your family at the center of it all with outdoor fun and exciting entertainment opportunities just moments away. Attractions such as the Cherry Hill Water Park, Lagoon amusement park, and Boondocks Family Fun Center are all located in Kaysville, making it a great place for anyone who loves a fun-filled summer day. As mentioned, Fairfield Meadows is adjoined with two great Utah schools, Creekside Elementary and Fairfield Junior High. The community also falls within the jurisdiction of Davis High School, a top performing school with beautiful facilities for art, education, and athletic performance.

Getting Started

We can’t wait to show you all that Fairfield Meadows will have to offer! If interested in a home in this community, please get in touch with a Symphony Homes representative by either calling us at 801-682-1436, or filling out the form on our contact page.

12 Days of Creative Holiday Ideas for Décor as Unique as Your Home

It’s holiday party season! Is your home ready to entertain family and friends looking for some seasonal spirit? If not, there’s no need to panic. Some fun and creative holiday decorations will do the trick in taking your home from saying “bah humbug” to “season’s greetings!” Even better, you can take a craft a day to get your home ready with 12 fun ideas. Check them out!


1. Iced Branch Display

What better way to express your creativity than with a custom display? Creating iced branches for your main room or foyer will help you make a bold statement with out-of-the box décor. This can be done by dipping craft store branches in glitter and/or adding crystal beads, then arranging these in a display around a large window, mirror, or wall in your home.


2. Custom Candles

Candles are a great way to bring a little holiday spirit into your home. Take things up a notch by creating your own festive candles using glitter and stencils. You can create your own designs or opt for simpler patterns like horizontal stripes and polka dots. Bows and gems could also be used to make your candles your own.


3. Mixing Lettering with Traditional Décor

We’ve all seen large, painted letters as decorations in a home. Use this idea, but make it your own by replacing some letters with traditional holiday décor. For example, replacing the “o” in “Noel” with a wreath or an ornament, then adding a little tinsel at the base of the letters will create a beautiful, unique mantel or end table display.


4. Ornament Bowls

Filling a metallic or clear bowl with ornaments and other crafty elements is a great way to represent your home’s personality while implementing a modern trend in home décor. You could also mix the bulbs with gems, tinsel, or even some large salt or sugar crystals.


5. Candy Dishes with a Spin

Candy dishes are common over the holidays. Make yours unique by using interesting vases, lids, tinsel, and surrounding decorations. Don’t be afraid to make yours a bit larger to fill up the space and make a statement.


6. DIY Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are often overlooked when it comes to holiday decorating, but their statement can be just as impactful as the rest of your creative décor. This holds especially true when you find or create pillows that fit perfectly with your theme. Custom pillows can be created easily by finding cute pillows at TJ Maxx or Ross, then adding your own flare with glitter lettering or beads. We recommend adding cute holiday quotes!


7. Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Not only do cinnamon scented pine cones smell great, but they can also be used as decoration in end table displays, centerpieces, and door and window frame décor. Start by prepping and baking your pine cones to add the cinnamon scent. A simple recipe can be found here. Next, you can either leave them as is, or add a bit of glitter or white powder to the tips to give the appearance of snow.



8. Mason Jar Snow Globes

Store bought snow globes are gorgeous, but making your own adds a personal touch to your home. Homemade snow globes can be put together using a jar with a lid, super glue, glitter, water, and your figurine of choice. Check out ideas and examples here.


9. Festive Planters

This decorating idea helps you make use of the home décor you’ve already added. Fill planters with large ornaments and maybe some smaller sparkly branches from idea #1. Tying a festive bow around the planter also adds a little something special to the decoration.



10. Ornament Encrusted Mirrors

Sprucing up a mirror with ornaments is a great way to decorate for the holidays while maintaining a modern appeal. Purchase a standard mirror, then glue ornaments around the frame to make it festive.



11. Glitter-Filled Clear Ornaments

These are fun for the tree and for hanging around your home. Find clear ornaments at the store, fill them with gold or silver glitter, and tie a ribbon to the lid. From here, you can hang them wherever you choose. They look great hanging above displays and could also be rested on tables around candy dishes and candles.




12. Filled Stemware and Candles

Candles look beautiful when lit inside of glass. Purchase or repurpose stemware from home, then fill the glasses with large sugar or salt crystals and a few small ornaments. Place tea candles inside of these glasses with a tin candle holder, then light them up before guests arrive at your home!

Utah Custom Home

Custom Office Space

A home office should be less about business and more about pleasure. Sometimes work cant be avoided at the home office transitions from storage space for tax forms and W-2s to an actual place of work. When you feel the urge to be productive, you’ll need a space that can accommodate you. It is of the utmost importance that when you build a custom home in Utah, you consider the things that need to be present to make the home office a productive use of space.


When designing an office in a custom home, consider how you plan to light the room. Will you be relying on natural light or will artificial light work? Are you going for a dark office with deep mahogany and rich leather bound books? If so some floor lamps should suffice. Looking for a more sterile, office type setting? Including some florescent lights might be a good match. In terms of natural lighting, you may want to add a good window to the office. Natural light lends an air of creativity and clarity to any space it’s used in. You may also want to consult with your Utah Home builder for advice.


Speaking of windows, don’t neglect them in your custom home design. An office with windows can benefit you in many ways. Windows lend natural light. Natural light helps folks stay focused and proactive, and also helps with depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You save on electricity by using windows to provide natural lighting. Also consider the placement of your office furniture in relation to said window. Is the desk facing towards or away from the window? This simple choice can easily affect attention span as well as usability of electronics due to glare. Consider what windows can do for your home office. Keep in mind a simple window treatment like blinds or curtains can helps set the ambience and tone, as well as create a beautiful focal point in your custom built Utah home.


I honestly believe color in an office can affect what happens there. Colors have a psychological characteristics associated to them, which should be respected when attempting to create a space that acts as catalyst for a creative and productive mind. Crisp, clean colors will be your best friend in this process. Right now white and black are very popular. Don’t feel any pressure to be boring though. Add some pops of color to your office by accenting with rugs, chairs, tables, and knickknacks. Using basic solid colors as your backdrop, you can add all the elements that help you work. Because you started with a nice basic, everything you add will already match so there wont be an issue with conflicting colors and patterns.


Since you’re building a custom home, you have the option of choosing to buy all your furniture or have the builder incorporate some built-ins. You can have some shelves, bookcases, and storage areas built right in. You can even have a desk built into the office. This doesn’t just save you the money of buying or moving furniture, but saves you time building and putting it all together. This alone is a good enough reason to opt-in for as many built-ins as possible.


Considering some of these options will essentially help create a more modern, functional office and a better work experience. If you don’t enjoy working in your new office, your stack of files certainly will.

Bring your wood shutters & columns back to life

Time and weather take a toll on your custom built home. Over years the stain on your shutters, columns, or garage doors may start to diminish. This is a natural reaction to the extreme weather in Utah. This simple DIY project can be easily done on a Saturday afternoon More

Reinvent the space under your stairs

We have all had that dark awkward storage space under the stairs that most builders have done for years. Symphony Homes now offers unique options to remove that space and replace it with something useful! We pride ourselves in being a Custom Home Builder and giving our buyers options. More

Creating The Ideal Homework Room For Kids

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